1.It was really kind you to help the new coworkers on the office.

  1. A.by
  2. of
  3. at
  4. to

2.My computer is not of running this software

  1. able
  2. compatible
  3. capable
  4. suitable

3.Our office will give you free access the Internet eight hours a ”

  1. on
  2. to
  3. from
  4. in

4.She had to hand in her notice advance when she decided to leave the

  1. with
  2. from
  3. in
  4. to

5.Young staff have become increasingly committed social

  1. of
  2. to
  3. in
  4. at

6.While everybody else in our team prefers working in groups, Mina likes working

  1. on herself
  2. on her own
  3. of her own
  4. in herself

7.The receptionist, answered the phone, told me that the director was out.

  1. who
  2. whose
  3. that
  4. whom

8.Air pollution is getting serious in big cities in the world.

  1. more and more
  2. the more and the more
  3. the most and the most
  4. most and most

9.The more demanding the job is, I like it.

  1. more
  2. most
  3. the more
  4. the most

10.Most  work hard to get the bonus at the end of year.

  1. employees
  2. of employees
  3. of employee
  4. employee

11.____in this department was busy preparing for the conference last week.

  1. Every person
  2. All the people
  3. All people
  4. Every people

12.I’m sure that I would enjoy ______one, the red wine or the white wine

  1. both
  2. either
  3. some
  4. others

13.Could you  drinks to those guests who just arrived?

  1. serve
  2. pour
  3. make
  4. fill

14.Would you like another  tea?

  1. cup of
  2. cup
  3. bowl
  4. serving of

15.This instruction  precisely.

  1. must follow
  2. must followed
  3. must to be follow
  4. must be followed

16.Everybody   with the results of the meeting

  1. satisfied
  2. was to satisfy
  3. was satisfied
  4. was satisfied

17.Reminder, notes, dates, times and details are some of the things you can quickly write down in this.

  1. Index flags
  2. notepad
  3. letterhead
  4. logo

18.Handle equipment as instructed and____________off machines when not in use.

  1. block
  2. bend
  3. switch           
  4. exit

19.Do not place heavy items in the _____________drawer of a cabinet.

  1. top
  2. handle
  3. bottom
  4. head

20.This is a very happy office so I’m sure you’ll get _________with everyone here.

  1. over
  2. at
  3. out
  4. on

21.I’ll ask Anne to show you ______________the building later.

  1. over
  2. around
  3. across
  4. on

22.First of all, I’d like to go ____________a few point with you.

  1. over
  2. at
  3. out
  4. ahead

23.Your first job in the morning is to look ___________ the mail.

  1. into
  2. at
  3. out
  4. through

24.You should sort ___________the private letters from business ones.

  1. up
  2. out              
  3. across
  4. on

25.The person in charge who conducts a meeting is called the_____________

  1. chairperson
  2. teller
  3. conductor
  4. president

26.You should send your ____________if you are unable to attend a meeting.

  1.  apologies
  2. cancellation
  3. excuse
  4. comment.

27.The official record of what is said at a meeting is known as the ___________

  1. records
  2. minute
  3. article
  4. report

28.The list of points to be discussed at a meeting is known as the__________-

  1. itinerary
  2. schedule
  3. agenda
  4. timetable

29.The people who attend a meeting are known as the ________

  1. attendants
  2. participants
  3. presenters
  4. partakers

30.The meeting may be_____________to a later time if there is no time left or not enough information for a decision.

  1. delayed
  2. proposed
  3. carried forward
  4. ahjourned
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