1The first page of a business letter is always written on a sheet of paper with this at the top.

  1. Index flags
  2. notepad
  3. letterhead
  4. logo

2.This is a very happy office so I’m sure you ‘ll get _________with everyone here.

  1. over
  2. at
  3. out
  4. on

3.Mary was the last applicant .

  1. to be interviewed
  2. to be interviewing
  3. to interview
  4. to have interviewed

4.The equipment in our office needs .

  1. moderner
  2. modernizing
  3. modernized
  4. modernization

5.The conference room needs for the important seminar.

  1. decorating
  2. to decorate
  3. decorate
  4. be decorated

6.I am considering my job. Can you recommend a good company?

  1. to move
  2. moving
  3. to change
  4. changing

7.I’m sure you’ll have no the driving license.

  1. difficulty passing
  2. difficulties to pass
  3. difficulty to pass
  4. difficulties of passing

8.“I’d rather you _ to office right ”

  1. going
  2. go
  3. gone
  4. went

9.I’ve warned you many times the front door

  1. not leaving
  2. won’t leave
  3. not to leave
  4. don’t leave

10.It is imperative what to do when there is a

  1. he must know about
  2. that everyone know
  3. that he knew
  4. we knew

11.Our boss would rather during the working

  1. we didn’t chat       
  2. we don’t chat
  3. us not chat
  4. us not chatting

12.The restaurants on the island are expensive, so it’s worth a packed

  1. to take
  2. taking
  3. taken
  4. take

13.It has been suggested that Mary a computer course in preparation for a steady

  1. would have taken
  2. have been taken
  3. take
  4. was taken

14.No one can avoid by

  1. to be influenced
  2. having influenced
  3. influencing
  4. being influenced

15.“My secretary will book you an afternoon flight and have you at the airport.”

  1. picking up
  2. to pick up
  3. picked up
  4. pick up

16.Do you remember to help us when we were in difficulty?

  1. you offer
  2. being offered
  3. to offer
  4. once offering

17.Applications in after 30 April will not be

  1. send
  2. which sent
  3. sent
  4. that is sent

18.The special design or way of writing the company name which is found on advertising material, price list and writing paper.

  1. Index flags
  2. notepad
  3. letterhead
  4. logo

19.He completely _ with what I

  1. accepted
  2. complained
  3. agreed
  4. argued

20.I finished my monthly report a few days ahead ____the

  1. of
  2. to
  3. by
  4. at
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