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Question 1
B.    It delays the process of water boiling – by increasing the boiling point of water.

Question 2
C.    Plastic – most often recommended by professional chefs.

Question 3
C.    Scalding or dipping it firstly in boiling water prior to freezing or putting it in cold water – Blanching stops enzyme actions which can cause loss of flavour, colour and texture.

Question 4
A.    Add Flour or Corn-starch.

Question 5
B.    Olive

Question 6
C.    Green Salad

Question 7
A.    If it sinks to the bottom in a bowl of water and lays flat on its side.

Question 8
C.    Cooking food in a small amount of liquid in a closed container.

Question 9
B.    180 degrees Fahrenheit

Question 10
C.    Braising

  1. C.    The point when oil starts to burn and smoke.

12 C.    Used as a leavening agent in baked goods.

13.A.    Cypress

  1. D.    It is the process that re-establishing the cocoa butters crystals, resulting in much better-quality chocolate that is shiny and ‘snapable.
  2. D.    Sweating
  3. D.    Conventional ovens cook food by surrounding it with hot air, while convection ovens circulate the air.
  4. C.    Softwoods
  5. B.    Used to check the temperature of a grill.
  6. B.    Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or a spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  7. C.    To cut the meat into small pieces.



1.i          2.j            3. a             4. g              5. h

6.b         7.f             8.c              9.e               10.d

III. Món ăn yêu thích: Bún chả

21 Nguyen Huu Huan street – Hanoi ( Bun Cha Ta ) Best Bun Cha HanoiPossibly the most delicious food available to man, bun cha is the lunch of choice all over Hanoi.Pork patties and slices of pork belly are grilled over hot coals and served with fish sauce, tangy vinegar, sugar and lime, which, when combined, creates a sort of barbecue soup that is eaten with rice vermicelli and fresh herbs.Accompanied by deep-fried spring rolls, this calorically rich dish is served with garlic and chilies on the side for an extra kick.


Bun cha is my favourite lunch dish of all – barbecued pork in a sweet and sour soup with bun noodles and herbs on the side. We tried it in many different forms and many different places.My favourite, apart from the one we made ourselves during our cooking class with Hidden Hanoi, was the first one we visited on the street food tour, Bun Cha Nem Cua Be which came with lots of fresh veggies and herbs and juicy spring rolls. Another favourite came from Com Viet Nam, 2 Au Trieu Hanoi, a little closer to the old town and which happened to be just a lucky find we stumbled across. They serve around four other dishes which all looked pretty tasty too.

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